Ball Flight Path

Certainly on every round of golf you will hear words that describe the flight path of the ball and the club head at the moment of impact; for example: “I pushed it” or “Hit it fat”.

Though it is good to know these terms but it is more important to know how they happened and to understand how they affect the ball's flight path. In time you will be able to control them so you can use them to your advantage.

Define the direction of the club’s path:

  • Inside-out: creates a draw

  • Down the line : straight

  • Outside-in: creates a fade

Define the angle of the club head at the moment of impact:

  • Closed: creates draw

  • Straight: straight

  • Open: creates fade

Define the location of the ball on the club head at the moment of impact

  • Heel: creates draw

  • Center: sweet spot

  • Toe: creates fade

  • Thin: When you hit the ball with the lower edge of the club; You don’t touch the ground.

  • Fat: When you hit the ground first, usually behind the ball.