Girls Golf

Spring 2021

Integrity, Sportsmanship, and Hard Work.

CHS Golf Team Pledge

I am going to put forth the necessary time and effort needed and to do my part to help this golf program succeed.

My commitment to the CHS Girls Golf Team is the following:

To manage my time, plan and identify areas of improvement for the team, myself and to keep up with school. I will be an active member of this team, attend and be on time to all practices, games and meetings. I will put forth the highest level effort and be mindful of other team members and coaching staff needs while valuing everyone's time.

I will expect in return that other team members and coaches will commit in the same way to the team and give it the time & effort it demands.

Never Out Of The Hole.

Laser Focus

Have these shots / Own these shots
  • Putting: 3 & 30 ft Putting

  • Chipping: Chipping to 3 ft

  • Irons /Woods : 50, 100, 150, 200+ yards

Practice Routines

2020-21 Season

You Are Never Out Of The Hole

Tryouts week

When: Monday April 19th

** Weather Dependent - We'll update as needed **

Requirements - Mandatory in order to participate in the Tryout


  • Take a moment to read and become familiar with the Team's Policies as well as the Home Course Rules.

  • With great sadness and due to COVID19 circumstances, our team has been limited to 8 players this year.

Rules Test

  • The test is an open book test and you can take it as many times as you need.

  • All players need to take and pass the test in order to participate in tournament play.

  • Take the Rules of Golf Test now.

Updated Schedule - due to adverse weather conditions

  • Players meet at CHS at 4:00 pm (we will either be in the gym or cafeteria).

  • No need to bring your clubs since we will be indoors!

  • We will plan the rest of the week tomorrow with the girls. Since it looks like it might continue to snow and be pretty chilly, please plan on checking your email each day with updates on practice plans as well as updates on when the parenting meeting will be.

Outdoor Tryout Cancelled due to adverse weather conditions

11:30 am - Check In

  • Complete COVID health questionnaire

  • Stretch, warmup and be ready on time for the Skills Challenge.

12:00 pm - Skills Challenge*

  • You will complete this 2020 Tryout Challenge - I highly recommend you practice this before the tryout

    1. Volunteers needed to help with scoring the skills challenges - please let me know if you can help :)

  • Top 8 scores will go on play 9 holes of Golf*

3:00 pm - Play 9 holes of Golf *

  • Go to the starting Tee box 10 minutes before Tee Time

  • Varsity / JV will be selected from the scores of this round

Parents Meeting - April 20th, 4:30 p.m.


  • Girls Uniform (Polo, Hat) for $50.00

    • OGIO Embroidered Women's Jewel High Performance Polo

    • Embroidered Unstructured Twill Hat

  • Girls Jacket for $60.00 (Optional)

    • OGIO ENDURANCE Embroidered Women's Fulcrum Full-Zip

  • User CHS"s Rev Track to pay

* Ties and Tiebreakers will be decided by the Coach. All Coaches Decisions are non-challengeable and final.

JGAC FREE Membership*

BVSD has offered a GRANT to Centaurus High School students for JGAC memberships. If you are interested in receiving free membership, complete the Signup Form up below.... there is a limited number!

*Every student golfer that participates in the tryout will get a free JGAC membership ... If you know of anyone else that may be interested please contact me :)

Discipline 1

You Must Have A Sound Understanding Of What The Game Of Golf Really Is, If You Don't Get This Right, The Rest Will Never Work.

Week 2

What is the game of golf really about?

Playing Golf is not about hitting it hard, or far - it's about hitting consistently, mostly straight and knowing you are never out of the hole. One of my favourite Walter Hagen's famous sayings: "Now what you have to understand is that three bad shots and one good shot still make par. You see, golf is the game of recovery."

Playing Golf is about reacting appropriately in every situation, whether good or bad, and knowing that a disproportionate reaction will not win you the game but it may very well lose it for you. Its about course management, process, patience and perseverance: Always play smart golf.

Ultimately, having a plan will be your best friend: Make a plan for the driving range, a hole in a course, an upcoming tournament, a meeting with your teacher or something as simple as as phone call: Make a plan before you start - all it takes is 30 seconds.

Tryouts Week (Recap)

We had a great first week of golf! Unfortunately, due to weather we were unable to get onto the driving range, but the girls had great attitudes and made the best of it. During indoor practice, we practiced putting from 30ft away, worked on our swing, and got to know our new teammates and coaches. Next week, we are hoping for some warm weather so that we can get the girls out onto the course!

This Week

This week we will be taking our Varsity team to its first tournament at Colorado National Golf Course in Erie - hosted by Holly Family. Remember to be there one hour before Tee time. We will also hold three practices during the week, one of them being a Playing practice where we'll play Round 1 of our Match Play Team Tournament - - I'll let you know where we are playing as soon as I know :D

Take a look at Phil Mickelson's Video on Putting - it's worth the watch!


  • Girls Uniform (Polo, Hat) for $50.00

    • OGIO Embroidered Women's Jewel High Performance Polo

    • Embroidered Unstructured Twill Hat

  • Girls Jacket for $60.00 (Optional)

    • OGIO ENDURANCE Embroidered Women's Fulcrum Full-Zip

  • If you have not donse do, use CHS"s Rev Track to pay

Discipline 2

Be The Best At What You Do, Because Being Good is not Good Enough

Week 3

Beng the best at what you do is not a destination, is a lifestyle!

Being the best at what you do is putting in 100% effort, taking failure in stride, remaining optimistic, not giving up and taking advice from others.

Being the best at what you do is being knowledgeable about your craft, like knowing the rules of golf and how to apply them, knowing other golf related things like how to be a teammate, coach or captain, sports psychology, fitness and nutrition. Preparing for tournaments the day before you compete. Practicing with a purpose and on the weekends, having a plan for improvement and short term goals that take you closer your longer term goals.

Being the best at what you do is keeping your chin up when you feel down or when nothing is working, being helpful and respectful to your friends and family, teammates and coaches at all times, and communicating with them effectively.

Do this and you will be on the top 10% of whatever you do - this is the result that comes with being the best at what you do.

Last Week's Recap

We had our first week on the course! Although there was a little bit of rain, most of the week was beautiful and sunny. We practiced putting, chipping, and were able to get onto the range. We had our first playing practice, where the team was divided into teams of two for some match play. The team was able to get through 5 holes, and the winning teams were the following: Julia L./Maya and Julia M./Meagan. We are excited to get out and play 18 next week and have our next tournament!

Our first tournament of the year was played at Colorado National Golf course. I am so proud of the team players for conquering the toughest course we will play this year. As you all learned, it is recommended that you have a pull cart during tournament play as it will make the walk a little easier. Eight teams that started (approx 40 players), only five teams finished the round. Our team came it at fourth place only seven shots away from third place. Julia L. landed at 10th place overall with a score of 106. Amanda and Morgen placed 22 and 23rd respectively.

Morgen Hoffman was voted Team's Captain by her teammates - Congratulations :)

This Week

This week we will play Round 2 of our Teams Match Play Tournament at Twin Peaks. We are playing our second League Tournament here the following day and it will good to see and play the course beforehand. We will hold regular practice at Indian Peaks on Wednesday and Thursday.

P.S. - Our team's Captain shared the players concerns about walking eighteen holes two days in a row and suggested players have the option to rent golf carts during our Match Play Tournament on Monday instead of walking - totally agree. Check with the course for their rules and rates, which students will be responsible for - Well done Morgen.


Who is Annika Sorenstam? Watch her take on the 100 yard shot.

Discipline 3

Play within Your Means And Be Ready For Whatever The Game Brings, Because The Game Will Challenge You Every Time You Play.

Week 4

Expecting to hit a perfect shot every time you swing the club is not sustainable. Striving for consistency and a sound swing is sustainable - invites success. Knowing that you can get out of any situation, and still make par, will free your mind and shed tension. Use your imagination - its your best friend!

If you are one of those players that dont like it when you hit anything but a perfect shot watch Bob Newhart - 'STOP IT' video.

Last Weeks Recap

Last week we spent a lot of time on the range! Due to some unfortunate rain, we were not able to have a playing practice, but the girls had a great attitudes and loved getting some extra time to hit. We have been focusing on putting from 3ft and 30 ft away and chipping from all over! The team is starting to really get their swings down. Next week, we hope to have round 2 of our internal match play tournament!

Our internal Match Play tournament (Round 2) had to be postponed due to weather and schedule conflicts.

We played our second League tournament at Twin Peaks Golf Course... a great day, great weather and a pleasure to see the team improving. We came in fourth place in the team competition. Julia L landed in 5th place with a score of 92 - well done! Julia M playing her first tournament of the year and tied for 16th place with a 110, and Maya and Amanda tied for 26th place overall.

This Week

Our third League tournament will be at Saddleback Golf Course in Firestone - EVERYONE plays. The tournament organizer setup a scramble tournament for the JV team. We will be starting at 9 am - shotgun. NOTE: The tournament organizer has communicated that depending on the weather, they may cancel the event - stay tuned (fingers crossed). This week we will also play our rescheduled Match Play (Round 2) tournament on Wednesday at Indian Peaks - Tee times are 4:00 and 4:12.


Who is Lorena Ochoa? Watch her take on Swing Thoughts

Discipline 4

Minimize Errors, Because They Are The Biggest Enemy To A Successful Round Of Golf.

Week 5

"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs... If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same… you’ll be a man (woman) my son.” - Rudyard Kipling

  • Be impeccable with your words - Because the words you use matter/Avoid Negative Talk

  • Don't take anything personal - Avoid Negative Thoughts.

  • Minimize Thinking About The Past - Because you can't change that.

  • Don't Make Any Assumptions - Plan every shot.

  • Always do your Best - Practice your weaknesses.

  • Break old habits - Because it's the only way to create change.

Last Week's Recap

This week, we had a rules official come to practice to go over some rules with the girls. We all learned a lot and it was great to learn more about this wonderful game. We also got 4 of our players on the course for some practice. The players who are headed to the tournoment on Monday were able to get in seven holes before practice ended!!

Our Monday tournament was postponed to May 20th. due to Weather. On Tuesday, Tim Hersee, a Colorado Golf Association Rules official, stopped by and talk rules of golf to the team. Wednesday, the team played golf for 9 holes at Indian peaks and Thursday we had regular practice where students completed the 54 shot challenge at the driving range.

This Week

This week we have a full week. First, we have a tournament on Monday played at Highland Hills in Greeley where our Varsity team will play and one JV guest, this week: Meagan. This is the course where our Regional will be played - so take notes :) On Tuesday and Wednesday we'll have regular practice at Indian Peaks. Thursday there will be a make up tournament played at Coyote Creek Golf Course: JV team will pay a 9 hole scramble tournament and our Varsity player attending will play an 18 hole stroke play game. For the players not able to attend that day, we will have regular practice starting at 4pm - be ready to play 9 holes.

I sent team members JGAC Coupon codes - if you did not get one, let me know. Varsity Team can sign up to the 'Series Membership' and the JV team gets the 'Introductory Membership'. Please take a moment to sign up this weekend!

There are written rules that cover the game of golf. There are also unwritten rules of the game that allow game and people playing to be safe and enjoy the day a little more, these are known as Golf Etiquette.

** If you have not seen the videos from previous weeks, now is a good time ;)

Discipline 5

Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses, Because You Cannot Improve What You Don't Measure.

Week 6

Do you know:

  • Your playing stats (GIR's, U/D, Putts, Fairways)

  • Your club distances, including 1/2 and 3/4 swing, wind and rain?

  • Where your misses are with you putter, chips, irons and from tee box?

  • Your golf Routine?

  • How long do you stand over the ball before you swing?

  • The way certain foods affect you?

  • How you talk to yourself?

When you practice Invest 20% of your time in your strengths and 80% of your time in your weaknesses - because it is the best and safest way to improve your confidence.

Last Week Recap

This week the players focused on what they each needed to work on! Whether that was putting, chipping, working on irons, or just hitting on the range, each player picked a focus this week and spent a significant amount of time working on that skill. On Thursday, our JV team played in a scramble tournament while our seniors and some of our varsity took a mental health day. The JV Team scored a 41, with one birdie, three pars, four bogeys and a double - Great game! A big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Amanda and Julia M. on graduating from CHS this week!!!

Our fourth league tournament was played Monday at Highland Hills in Greeley. The tournament was cut short due to lighting in the area and we are still waiting so see how the League will count the scores for this match - the word on the street is that it will be a 14 hole tournament. I took the liberty of prorating our teams scores and I can share that: Julia Love matched last weeks score of 92 which would placed her in 5th place overall. Julia Mischke scored a 105 - five shots better than last week. Morgen Hoffman scored 22 shots better than last week for a 108 - Welcome back! Amanda came in at a 116 beating last week's tournament score by 10 strokes and Meagan K played her first tournament ever. CONGRATULATIONS to all your great efforts - keep up the good work!

This week

This week we are playing our fifth league tournament Monday at Twin Peaks Golf Course and will have regular practices the rest of the week. We are getting to the end of our regular season with one more league tournament left on the season. We will start focusing our efforts towards preparing the Regional Team for their tournament on June 7th.

If you have not done so, register for JGAC :)

Discipline 6

Be a Healthy Individual, Because Golf Without Health Is _________ .

Week 7

The Many Faces of Health

  • Food Health - Nutrition

  • Physical Health - Strength and Agility

  • Mental Health - Balanced and well adjusted.

  • Relationship Health - Friends, family and loved ones.

Last Week

This week we continued to hit the range! The team did a great job this week working stations on the putting green and the chipping green. The team also worked on long irons. On Thursday we had a popsicle party to celebrate the end of school! Everyone worked really hard this week and have earned a well deserved day off on Monday!

Monday May 24th our league tournament #5 was played at Twin Peaks and we had the best weather to date! The team landed in fourth place: Julia L came in with a score of 94 placing her in 10th place on the field. Julia M took 12th with a 98 - her best score EVER in her high school golf carrier. Morgen H, Amanda M and Maya all registered their second best scores of the year - best team tournament so far- way to go!

This Week

Our plan for the week is to take Monday off (Memorial day) and focus for our upcoming regional tournament for the rest of the week. Tuesday the Varsity team will play a practice round at Highland Hills in Greeley - JV team does not practice. Wednesday we'll have a regular practice and Thursday the Varsity team plays their last league tournament while JV's play a fun scramble.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Discipline 7

Teach Golf and Help Others Learn The Game, Because Sharing Feeds Your Soul And Gives More Purpose To Your Game.

Regional Week

Philanthropy (Definition)

    • Goodwill to fellow members of the human race.

    • Active effort to promote human welfare by donating your time and/or knowledge.

    • An act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes.

I can tell you from personal experience that sharing with others, whether it is coaching, teaching or just assisting someone in need feels good. Specifically, for me, being the CHS Girls Golf Coach is very (very) rewarding and has made me a better golfer - Thank you :)

Last week

This week, two of the varsity girls played 18 with coach Ricardo, while our seniors were busy working trying to earn some $$ for college. However, our seniors went out together and made sure they got some practice in! On Wednesday, we had our last practice as a team. In preparation for the tournament and regionals, the girls continued to work on their swings and skills on the green. We wish our 4 girls going to regionals the best of luck on Monday!!

In preparation for out Regional tournament, Tuesday June 1st we played a practice round at Highland Hills (Greeley). The game was intended to study and learn the course before our tournament - success! Thursday our Varsity team played their last league tournament and the team played their best tournament of the year: Julia L played to an 89 (6th place), Morgen H scored a 96 (8th place) and Amanda finished with a 117 (20th place) - ALL PERSONAL BESTS. Our JV team (Maya, Faith, Tatum and Megan) played a fun scramble and landed a 39, with 1 birdie, 4 pars, 2 bogeys and 2 doubles... but the best part is that "We saw 3 pelicans, 2 crane and 1 golden eagle".

Congratulations to the team for a great, great season!

Regional Tournament

We will be playing our Region 3-4a tournament Monday June 7th. Tee times are set to start at 7:30 am from both the 1st and 10th tees. I will send exact times once I have them. We will be playing the gold/white tees (5,600-ish yards) which which is designed to test out teams:

  1. Mental strength,

  2. Strategy and course management,

  3. Physical Strength, and

  4. Basic golf skills.

We'll meet at the course one and a half hours before tee times to give us enough time to settle, warm up, and be at the tee box with plenty of time to start our best round of the year relaxed and stress free.

Varsity Team Representing Centaurus High School we have:

  • Julia Love

  • Julia Mischke

  • Morgen Hoffman

  • Faith Horn

PARENTS are welcome to join and follow players round and must follow the CHSAA spectator guidelines. There will be NO spectator carts available.

Conference Standings

Preliminary conference individual standings are out (minus Thursdays tournament) - note that only players that attended 5 tournaments qualify:

  • Julia Love - 8th place (1st All Conference Team)

  • Amanda McIntyre (18th Place - 2nd All Conference Team Alternate).

As a team, we did not qualify as we only had a team for 4 matches (we needed 5 to qualify).

Beat the Coach Tournament

We have scheduled our yearly 'Beat the Coach' scramble tournament for Friday June 11th at Flatirons Golf Course (Boulder) starting at 10 am. Teams will be as follows:

  • Coaches: Ricardo, Montana, Emmy

  • Team 1: Julia L, Morgen, Maya, Sthefany, (Tatum)

  • Team 2: Julia M, Amanda, (Faith), Meagan

Be there one hour before to warm up and prepare for the match.

Weeks Schedule

  • Monday: Regional Tournament / NO Practice

  • Tuesday - NO Practice

  • Wednesday: Practice for State Players (if any)- Optional practice for everyone else.

  • Thursday: Practice for State Players (if any)- Optional practice for everyone else.

  • Friday: Beat the Coach Tournament

Discipline 8

Be Active In The Lives Of Your Family, Because They Are Central To Who You Are.

Week 9 - State Preparation week

Its in our DNA - Family is the best motivator you will have and is there from the beginning and throughout your lives. So remember to stay involved and to be nice to family, friends, and even strangers today because tomorrow you may be on the other side.

"Remember that Integrity is more in demand than Intelligence and you’ll be OK”

Regional Tournament (Monday June 7th)

On Monday we played our Regional Tournament and the team played their best tournament of the year.

Team Results: 6th Place in the Region.

Individual Results:

  • Faith Hill played to a 124 - 10 strokes better than her last tournament.

  • Julia Mischkey - 109 - 27th place overall.

  • Morgen Hoffman - 107 - 24th place overall.

  • Julia Love - 96 - 10 place overall - STATE PLAYER.

Congratulations to the Regional participants - you represented Centaurus HS well.

Beat the Coach Tournament (Friday June 11th)

This week we had our bet the coach tournamnet at Flatirons Golf Course, in Boulder! We had beautiful weather (not too hot!) and everyone had so much fun! Julia L. and Morgan beat the coaches (Ricardo and Montana) with a score of 80! Final scores were as follows: Julia L. & Morgan- 80, Coaches-82, and Julia M., Amanda and Megan- 91. Great job everyone!!

State Championship Preparation (week of June 14)

Next week will prepare Julia for this years State Championship. Our goal is to sharpen her skills so she can have a positive experience at this two day tournament.

  • Monday: Practice round at Common Ground Golf Course

  • Tuesday: Practice at IP

  • Wednesday: Practice round at Walnut Creek Preserve with Ryan V and Jeffrey S from the Boys Golf Team.

  • Thursday: Practice at IP

Good Luck To Julia Love

Representing Centaurus HS at the

2020 States Golf Championship

Team Banquet*

For now, I am taking suggestions are recommendation on how to celebrate and close our season - a pot luck may be the easiest thing to do. . I propose a date of Thursday June 24th at a place and time to be decided. I am looking for parent(s) that would be interested in organizing this years banquet.

**Remember to return your Golf Bag, Range Finder and Rain Coat on this date.

State Week & Closing Ceremony

Week 10

Last Week Recap

  • In preparation for the State Tournament Julia L worked on elevating her golf skills. We started by playing a practice round at Common Ground Golf Course (CGGC) Monday where we learned, took notes and devised a strategy for success.

  • Tuesday we had a range session where we focused our practice on the shots we'll need at CGGC.

  • Wednesday we played with Ryan V and Jeffrey S from the Boys golf team. We played a team two ball match play tournament which ended in a tie. Teams were Ryan & Julia vs Coach Ricardo and Jeffrey. The match was epic: The lead changed hands throughout the 18 holes and ended with a Julia sinking a clutch putt for par to keep the match tied.

  • Thursday we finished the week with a light practice.

State Tournament

State will be held at Common Ground Golf Course June 21st and 22nd. A two day tournaments with a course setup at 5,940 yards that presents a worthy challenge for all State players. Julia played her best golf of the year finished in 25th place in the tournament with a total score of 176 (91, 85). CONGRATULATIONS FOR A GREAT PERFORMANCE!

BoCo Preps mention

Banquet and Closing Ceremony

As of today, Friday 6/18, we have 8 families attending which means we can plan on 24 individuals - I will keep this section updated as I get new information.

Date: Thursday June 24th starting at 6 pm

Location: North shelter at Whitetail Park in Lafayette (Reserved from 3-8pm - Thank you Love Family)


  • The Love Family will bring spaghetti and salad for the group

  • Ricardo will bring a 'Mexican Chili' for the group

  • The Kelly Family will bring dessert

  • The McIntyre Family will bring a variety of cold beverages in a cooler.

  • Choi Family will bring snacks.

  • Need: Anything else you think we're missing - games, music, etc.

Please share any dietary/ allergy concerns


  • 3:00 - Reserved and available to the group for park activities

  • 6:00 - Start

    • Eat and mingle

    • Coaches Intro

    • Diplomas and special Mentions

    • Parents and Students Open Floor

    • Finish up / socialize / cleanup

  • 8:00 - Close

See you there :)