Team Policies*

* Team Policies may change at any time ad without prior notice.


  • Players will not be allowed to play in a tournament until they take and pass the The Rules Quiz. The player is expected to know:

    • The definitions of any terms in the rules

    • Applicable penalties

    • How to take relief from the condition, i.e., where to drop

    • When is the player allowed to play a provisional and the procedure for doing so

  • Players must present the slip certifying eligibility in order to tryout for the team.

    • Please see the Athletic Secretary in the Main Office to verify that you have completed all registration requirements and your physical. Please see the Registration Information document for more detail.


  • Tryouts will be held on two consecutive days at the beginning of the season and will consist of a Skills Challenge as well a a 9 or 18 round of golf.

  • Players will be competing for Varsity, Jr. Varsity and Developmental Teams.

The Team

    • The Team will consist of 15 student athletes divided into three teams a follows:

      • Varsity (4 players),

      • Jr Varsity (5 players),

      • Developmental (6 players).

  • Players may jump or drop teams as the season develops according to their average scores.

Practice: Attendance

  • Practice starts at 4:30pm at the practice green on Indian Peaks Golf Course on Monday-Thursday. The schedule is on the calendar on the team website.

  • Practice will last 2 hours. On those days when a player may play golf during practice, it is their responsibility to arrange pickup times with their parents or guardians.

  • Attendance is mandatory for all practices, meetings, fundraisers, and meets in which the athlete is competing.

  • Not all players will attend all practices. The schedule for players for each upcoming week will be announced on the website in a timely manner.

  • Each athlete is required to report an expected absence at least twenty-four hours before practice to the Head Coach . If illness occurs unexpectedly, please have your parent notify the coach in the morning of the illness.

  • Excused absences include medical appointments or official school functions (functions that require an adult be present). An absence for this reason requires a note from your doctor, teacher, parent, or adult supervisor. If you arrive late without a note, it will be assumed that you were skipping practice.

    • The number of excused absences allowed will be the coach's discretion.

    • An unexcused absence during the week of a meet will make you ineligible to compete in that meet.

    • Two unexcused absences will result in disciplinary meeting and possible dismissal from the team.

    • Two-sport athletes must have a lengthy conversation with their event coaches in the beginning of the season to discuss expectations and arrange ways to complete necessary workouts.

    • Examples of excused and unexcused absences. This is not an extensive list:

      • Excused: doctor’s appointment (with a note), missed school due to illness (with a note), official school function (with a note), or pre arranged extenuating circumstances worked out with the Head Coach.

      • Unexcused: skipping practice, unofficial club or activity, “too much homework”, came to school but not practice.

      • Jobs: Coaches understand that jobs may require regularly missing practice. Bosses typically understand that being a part of a team is a valuable and important experience. Please have a conversation with both your coaches and your boss to work out an agreement.

Off Site Tournament Participation

  • Varsity Team and one Guest JV player will attend LEAGUE Tournaments.

  • JrV Team shall attend Invites as they are available to the team.

  • Developmental Players will be invited to JrV and Invitational tournaments as space permits. We will make all attempts for Developmental players to attend at least one tournament during the Golf Season.

  • Players participation in any tournament is directed at the Coaches discrecion and substitutions can be made as needed and for any reason.


  • Players will be selected to compete in regionals by the coaches based on several criteria:

    • Scoring averages from leagues meets,

    • Good citizenship on the team,

    • Disciplined practice, and

    • Hard work

(**) The coaching staff reserves the right to revoke any player from participating in the Regionals Tournament for any reason


  1. If you are injured, you must immediately report it to your coaches and doctor.

  2. When injured, your goal switches from training to getting healthy in order to train.

  3. You will be allowed to return to practice when your doctor provides a note that you are ready to practice.

Athletic Eligibility

Athletic eligibility requires that students must be passing five classes and not have more than one F in order to participate. Athletic eligibility checks are done on a weekly cycle.

Proper Attire

  1. Proper attire is required for all practices and meets.

  2. A collared golf shirt worn tucked in, hat not worn backwards, golf shorts or long pants, and golf shoes are required for all practices.

  3. A team-issued shirt and hat, personal golf shorts or long pants, and golf shoes are required for all meets. Official meet uniform consists of items purchased through CHS.

  4. REMEMBER, THIS IS COLORADO: be prepared for all weather conditions, especially at meets.

Transportation to Meets

  1. All athletes participating in a meet are required to ride the team bus to and from the meet.

  2. If extenuating circumstances require arriving at the meet late or leaving the meet early, this must be pre arranged with a coach at least 24 hours in advance, and a parent/guardian must sign you in/out with a coach upon arrival or prior to leaving.

  3. Students may not, under any circumstances, drive themselves, or ride with parents/guardians who are not their own. This is district policy, and will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a meeting with the school’s Athletic Director. The exception is for the Centaurus Home Meet at Indian Peaks

Preparation for Meets

  1. Players are responsible for packing food, snacks, and beverages sufficient for the entire time that the team is gone for the meet.

  2. Players should carry sufficient snacks and beverages in their golf bags for the meet.

  3. Sunscreen must be worn.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

Drug, alcohol, and tobacco use is strictly prohibited, including electronic cigarettes, e.g., vape pens. District policy will be enforced.

Centaurus Golf Varsity Lettering Policies

The following criteria must be met in order to earn a varsity letter

  1. Character of Varsity Athletes

    1. Demonstrate good sportsmanship with teammates and fellow competitors.

    2. Demonstrate respect for their coaches, fellow teammates, other competitors

    3. Demonstrate a hard-working attitude, that

    4. Varsity athletes demonstrate their leadership, maturity, responsibility, and ability in the sport of golf.

  2. No Unexcused Absences: Have no unexcused absences.

  3. Academic Eligibility: Must have been academically eligible at every eligibility check throughout the season.

  4. Varsity Competition: Compete in a minimum of 4 Varsity Meets during the season.

  5. Team Captain: Be nominated by your fellow teammates and coaches as a team captain. You must demonstrate leadership skills and great sportsmanship at all practices and competitions. You represent our sport and our school every day during the season.

  6. The 3-year Rule: Be a valued and contributing member of the golf team, in good standing, for 3 consecutive years of high school. Awarded at the discretion of the coaching staff.

  7. Revocation of Varsity Letter: The coaching staff reserves the right to revoke an earned varsity letter for any reason, including but not limited to disciplinary action; violation of state, district, or school policy; damage or loss of school property; repeated use of foul language; misbehavior during competitions; disrespect toward Centaurus High School teachers, administrators, coaches, and fellow teammates or toward the schools, teams, and officials against whom we compete.