One Liners


  • Play one hole at a time, one stroke at a time.

  • Don’t magnify your flaws.

  • Where is your mind when you stand over the ball?

  • Think about the target; let the ball go.

  • The game starts and ends with the golf routine, the rest is a nice day at the golf course.

Calm down

  • Get your game off to a peaceful and confident start.

  • Set your mind and emotions at ease so your body can perform.

  • Get yourself in balance and the game will follow.

  • Learn to "chill" out.

  • You can only play up to your level - no more.

  • Golf is 90 percent mental - and so is the other 10 percent.

  • Get your mind, heart and nervous system in sync.


  • Imagine and feel the rhythm on your swing.

  • Imagine getting to the pose.

  • Imagine landing on the fairway.

  • Imagine landing your shot on the green.

  • Imagine and feel holing putts.

Be positive

  • Golf is a game of emotion and adjustment of emotion as you play.

  • Remember what "play" means.

  • Change the way you talk to yourself about your game

  • Every shot is a good shot, regardless of outcome.

Help yourself

  • Don't let your warm-up dictate your future game.

  • Go with the twist and turns of the game.

  • Every hole is a new contest.

  • Don't dwell on missed shots.

  • You will not learn the game on the Golf Course. Learn it on the driving range.

  • Do I want to hit it far, or do I want to hit it hard?


  • Yell fore!, when necessary.

  • Practice and you shall play in the 80’s very soon.

  • Don’t let high expectations take the fun away from the game.

  • Play the course, not your opponent.

  • Play the course, not the score.

  • Play the swing, not the ball.

  • On the course, play by instinct and faith.


  • Practice patience

  • Solve an attitude problem first, and then your mechanics will improve.

  • Resist the urge to criticize

  • Don’t throw clubs, don’t throw temper tantrums

  • Get over the previous hole.

  • Stop comparing yourself to the pros, play against yourself.

  • The most important shot is: the next one.

  • Develop an emotional "reset" button.

Have Fun

  • Play not for pride but for joy

  • Bad shot is an opportunity for a good shot.

  • Set goals.: You can do what you think you can. So imagine the impossible and figure out how to do it.

  • Play for the process not the score... it will come.

  • Dont think on what you can't do, think on what you can do!