Playing the Game

Practice and Improve

The golf swing at its most basic is intended to allow us to strike the ball consistently in the direction we are aiming. It involves us, the player, holding a club, coiling our bodies back and releasing our body, still holding the club through the ball following through to a final resting position. These motions are commonly known as the backswing, the swing and the follow through.

Depending on the swing path you choose to take and the position of your hands at the moment of impact, the ball will launch in a certain direction. The ultimate goal of the golf swing is for us to be able to control both the swing path and thus the ball flight to allow us to better play the game. There are two swing paths to master: inside out and outside in. Learn the inside out swing first.

The golf swing is a fluid motion in balance, rhythm and timing that together creates tremendous momentum at the head of the club that when it strikes the golf ball it will launch it as intended. There are a lot of moving parts in the golf swing and it does take some technique that will help you gain consistency and accuracy and the only way to attain proficiency is to practice.

Following you'll find an introduction and recommendations on how to practice and what to practice to help you gain the proficiency necessary to play the game. Remember this game is and will be what you make of it, so if you are looking for a fun day at the course or to become a low handicap player, you are in charge of this and they are both OK.

Golf Fitness and Nutrition

As with any sport, one needs to be in top physical shape and well nourished to perform at a higher level and to avoid injury. THis also applies to the game of golf and we should all be mindful of this two elements as we play and practice.

Go to the gym and if you can, do push ups, pullups, situps, crunchies, burpees or, go running. Anything that gets your body in better physical shape will greatly improve your golf game and stamina.

While playing, bring water and snacks. Don't wait to be thirsty or hungry to eat, it is a better strategy to drink and eat every three holes as you go about your round of golf.


The golf routine

If you think about the day at the course, it may take anywhere between 3-5 hours to get through a golf round. Most of this time is spent getting to the ball. The time you actually spend playing golf are the collection of moments starting when you begin analyzing your shot and ends when the ball gets to its final resting place. This time is what is called the golf routine.

The golf routine is your tool to prepare yourself to perform: it is a predefined set of steps that will set you at ease and allow your mind and body to perform the golf swing. It is an important tool used by professional athletes to get in the zone and it will help you make the best of every swing you make.

Example Routine

  • Analyze the shot (i.e. distance, lie, wind, etc)

  • Choose club

  • Step behind the ball and define the desired line, visualize

  • Step next to the ball, align, take a practice swing

  • Step up to the ball and prepare your grip, alignment and stans.

  • Look at target and Exhale, relax…

  • Swing.

Pre-shot Routine

Nick Faldo pre-shot routine