Girls Golf

Spring 2022

Integrity, Sportsmanship, and Hard Work.

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CHS Golf Team Pledge

I am going to put forth the necessary time,and effort needed, and to do my part to help this golf program succeed. 

My commitment to the CHS Golf Team is the following:

To manage my time, plan and identify areas of improvement for the team, myself, and to keep up with school. I will be an active member of this team, attend and be on time to all  practices, games and meetings. I will put forth the highest level effort and be mindful of other team members and coaching staff's needs, while valuing everyone's time.

I will expect in return other team members and coaches will commit in the same way to the team and give it the time & effort it demands.

A Golf Mental Fitness Quiz: How Do You Stack Up?

Before a competitive round, do you spend time:

a) Worrying about what could go wrong

b) Visualizing yourself playing good shots

While warming up do you work on:

a) Refining your technique, hitting lots of shots with the same club

b) Getting a simple swing feel, then playing a variety of shots with full routine

On the first tee are you focused on:

a) What others will think of you if you hit a bad shot

b) Trusting your swing feel and making a committed swing

On the opening holes if you get off to a good start, do you:

a) Start thinking about the possibility of shooting your career score

b) Simply stay in the present and focus on playing each shot the best you can

If you get off to a poor start, do you:

a) Panic and start analyzing your swing, trying to “fix it”

b) Slow down and check your set-up, tempo, and mental focus to see what’s getting in the way of playing better

Midway through the round if you have been playing well, do you:

a) Worry about when the wheels will come off, tighten up, and get more careful and tentative

b) Attend to your energy level (water & food) and your tempo, focused on keeping the same rhythm and attitude that has been working well

If you have been playing poorly, do you:

a) Decide it’s not your day and start playing with a negative attitude with anger, carelessness, excuses, complaints, and even look for the drink cart to drown your sorrows

b) Accept that your ball-striking is not at its best, and take the opportunity to work on your recovery shots and short game

Near the end of the round if you have been playing well, do you:

a) Play defensively, trying to not make a mistake and get done without losing many strokes

b) Stay focused on the shot at hand rather than getting ahead of yourself, and keep playing to make your lowest score on each hole without taking an unnecessary risk

After the round do you:

a) Focus on what went wrong, speak negatively about your game, and complain about the conditions

b) Reflect on what went well, and reinforce what you did that led to your success, and make a plan to work on the parts of your game that have room for improvement.


The more questions you answered with choice b), the more you can rely on your mental game to help you play your best.

Any questions you answered with choice a), indicate areas of your mental game that need improvement.

ReferenceA Mental Fitness Quiz: How Do You Stack Up?

Golf Flow

Time - How can something feel really fast, and slow at the same time?

Week 15 - Closing Ceremony

You know that feeling when you do something, like a summer vacation or dinner with friends, seems like it is going really slow, yet afterwards, it feels like it went by really fast? Is there a difference between objective time (the clock) and subjective time (how fast time seems to go by)?

State Championship.

Julia Love (JR) represented Centaurus High School at the Region 4 State Championship, and played at Tiara Rado Golf Course in Grand Junction on May 31st and June 1st. We had a full schedule starting on Sunday, when we set out to play a fun round of golf - rain and lightning cut our day short - we only played 9 holes.  We played our official 18 hole practice round on Monday, starting at 12:45 pm, and finished our visit with two days of competition starting on Tuesday. During this time, Julia met new people and learned new things. 

With a total score of 184 (89/95), Julia places 23rd in the State. The course played tough, with the rough, and greens being the most difficult we've seen all year. Julia played a courageous round, and represented Centaurus High School with the highest level of integrity and sportsmanship.

Coach Vu writes: "Julia did an amazing job at State! She finished 23rd place, not exactly what she wanted, but that course is tough on those greens. She grinded out a tough round with a lot of bad breaks, but showed a ton of metal. I was very impressed with how she managed struggles with her mental toughness!... 23rd out of 84!!!-Congratulations Julia!" 

Beat The Coach Tournament.


We have reserved the Student Center (Fish Bowl) at CHS for our Closing Ceremony and Banquet Potluck for Monday June 6th from 6-8 pm. We'll need Snacks, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Desserts, Drinks, Plates/Plastic Ware... Follow the link to help us stay organized :)

Parents and Players: Remember to return all school equipment on this date (Golf Bags, Range Finders, launch monitor, etc.).


Please be ready to pay $50 for team polo and skort. You can pay with a CC here - Apologies for this last minute expense. 

PS - Special thanks to Patrick Love, who secured a grant from the booster club to help with jackets and 1/2 of polos, and donated team visors and hats. 

Relaxed Concentration

Short Term, Mid Term and Long Term Golf Goals - Working To Achieve Our Goals Is A Lifestyle, Not A Destination :)

Week 14 - States Week

To achieve our goals, we take small steps towards them - they are usually met in small increments. 

When setting your goals, make sure they are reasonable and measurable. Reasonable goals set you up for success, and measurable goals let you know how close you are there, and most importantly when you achieve them.  Measure, review and redefine your goals regularly.


Last Tuesday May 24th, the CHS girls golf team participated in the regional tournament at Quail Dunes Golf Course in Fort Morgan, CO. Julia Love (JR), Danielle De Martin (SO), Maya McGibbon (SO), and Tatum Choi (SO) represented our school. 

Julia writes in her Instagram update: "The season is complete!! Great improvement from everyone, and great experience in high competitive situations. Good luck to Julia who qualified for the state tournament (May 31st and June 1st)... We’ll be back next year…"

With a score of 93, and placing 9th in the individual tournament, Julia Love qualified for this year's State Championship, taking place May 31st and June 1st at Tiara Rado Golf Course in Grand Junction, CO. Take a moment to wish her good luck :) regional roundup

Congratulations to Julia Love for qualifying for this year's State Championship.

State Week

Beat the Coach Tournament / Closing Ceremony (Monday, June 6th)

Beat the Coach tournament scheduled for Monday June 6th.  Teams will include students, parents, and coaches. Afterwards, we will meet for our banquet and closing ceremony.

Beat The Coach

Closing Ceremony

Relaxed Concentration

Allow Yourself Success: In order to win, you must be prepared to lose.

Week 13 - Regional Week

"I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions, I have been entrusted to take the game-winning shot, and missed. And I have failed over and over again in my life. And this is precisely why I succeed" - Michael Jordan.

Week Recap

Julia Love writes in her Instagram update: "On Monday we had an invitational tournament, our last tournament before regionals, at Quail Dunes Course where we will be playing during regional. 5 players attended, 4 players and Meagan as spectator, and the scores were as follows: Julia Love (JR) 86, Danielle De Martin (SO) 114, Maya McGibbon (SO) 119 and Tatum Choi (SO) 127... It was great to see the course before regionals and get a chance to get comfortable. Everything from this point forward is in preparation for regionals (Tuesday, May 24th)"

On this day, thirteen of sixteen regional teams attended. Our athletes played a 5,824 yard course (we usually play 5,300 yard courses), the longest course of the year, and with a par of 74, our toughest challenge yet. Finishing in 8th place, our team put together their best performance of the year - CONGRATULATIONS!

The rest of the week, we practiced at Indian Peaks Golf Course, preparing for our regional tournament. 

Regional Week


Relaxed Concentration

Playing Under Pressure: Chicken Nuggets

Week 12

This great game we love to play will challenge us on any day. Add some pressure, and then what? Don't deny it or try to get rid of it, instead accept it and learn to play with it. For most of us, pressure feels like nerves and anxiousness, but in reality it is a little extra adrenaline that makes you feel this way - this puts you in an elevated mental and physical state, so use it to your advantage!

Week Recap

Monday we played our last league match - Julia Love writes: "In general, the team improved from last round. Almost everyone had a better score than our last tournament, or at least stayed around their average… Next on the schedule is an invitation at our regional course, Quail Dunes, on Monday, May 16th. Then… REGIONALS (May 24th)!!!" Tuesday we had a team meeting where we planned the next two weeks leading up to our regional championship, then practiced chipping and 40 yards approach shots. Wednesday we continued our highly focused practice of putting, chipping, and 40 yards approaches. Thursday was our annual Captain's practice. Julia wrote: "We started on the green focusing on putts from 3, 6, and 9 feet. Then we headed to the range and gave everyone some independence to figure out their swing thoughts and develop consistency. Then we ended with some chipping on the range with the extra balls we had left."


18 Birdies phone app

18 Birdies is a free phone app that contains score, stats, shot tracking, and GPS. Julia suggested to download it, and plan your Quail Dunes round of golf (hole by hole, shot by shot, clubs to use, etc) prior to our invite Monday.

Next Week

Beat the Coach / Closing Ceremony - Save The Date!

We are pondering our beat the coach tournament and closing ceremony. Depending on the regional tournament outcome, we would close our season on the last weekend in May, or first or second week in June. On that day, we will play our beat the coach tournament, with teams comprised of 1) student athletes tems, 2) parents team, and 3) coaches, followed by our banquet/closing ceremony. Times, and location TBD.

Relaxed Concentration

Practicing Relaxed Concentration: Less Trying, More Attention. Less Effort, More Observation.

Week 11

Focused Attention -> Less Interference -> More Awareness -> Relaxed Concentration

Player: "I was hitting the ball so well on our practice round, now I can't get it back!" Coach: "Maybe it is because yesterday it did not matter as much as today - today you are craving it, you want to swing well so you can win? - Moral of the story: This subtle craving causes your mind to become unbalanced, and you lose your concentration and feel. Enjoyment needs to be present to play our best.

Practicing Relaxed Concentration: Let go of the results of your shots as you play and practice - keep a curious frame of mind and focus on one thing at a time. Go to the driving range and practice this, then take it to the course. Practice focusing your mind and not reacting or worrying when the outcome of your shot is not what you expected. Instead, and without judgment: observe and maintain attention.

Relaxed concentration is something you practice. It does not come naturally for everyone.

VIDEO - short game videos by Phil Mickelson

This Week

Monday, the team played in the course. Tuesday Range Practice. On Wednesday, we played on the course. It was raining and hailing.

Thursday Pelican Lakes league match: Julia wrote: "Solid round today! At one of our favorite courses, the team played pretty well. Julia (85, 10th place overall) and Dani (115, league second best) both cut one stroke off from our last round’s scores, and everyone is getting better as we wrap up the season. One league to go before regionals!! Coach Kevin held practice at Indian Peaks. "Megan and Tatum were there putting, chipping, and range work. We talked about enjoying tournaments, as they all told me they have yet to enjoy a tournament day. Meg showed up at 5:45 pm and filled us in on the action at Pelican Lakes".  Megan: Your commitment to the game and the team is commendable - way to go!

Warrior Wekley Newsletter - keep an eye on this week's post, we may be featured in it :)

Next Week


We (coaches) love to see parents on the course, so if you have a chance, stop by, and walk a course with us :)

Relaxed Concentration

Golf myths are out there, they are everywhere, but are they all true? 

Week 10

Which myths are you attached to? What is stopping you from letting go of them?

This Week.

Monday we had our first ever Spring Golf Camp.  It was a great success. Brian Copland (Walnut Creek Head Pro) said: 

"I must say, I’m VERY IMPRESSED with you, your coaches and team! In my 23 years as the PGA Head Professional here at Walnut Creek, I’ve never seen such an outstandingly organized, professionally administered, and coached high school team! I hope that other schools learn from your example and program!...I wish you all a great season, and expect to see some State Champs out of your program in the future!"

A special mention to Coach Kevin, Coach Tam, and Coach Bill for their key roles in this event - thank you for all you do :)

Tuesday we played our fourth league tournament at Ute Creek - a six+ hour round. The team showed great improvement all around. Julia, team captain, shot an 86, her second best score ever, and placed 8th for the day. Danielle finished with a 116, placing her in 29th place for the tournament. Megan scored a 122, also her second best score this season. Tatum finished one swing behind with a 123, and Maya followed with a 125. 

Wednesday we held normal practice at Indian Peaks, and Thursday, by request, we had the option of study hall or practice driving range practice. 

The Last Mile: Special Note to Parents and Teammembers.

We are getting to the last mile of our season, with only four weeks left, two league matches, one invite, one practice round, a regional tournament, and for those who qualify, a state tournament. Last day of school is May 26th, and testing season is upon us.

The team has expressed two points of concern. 1) Next week's league match falls on Thursday May 5th, one day before AP testing, and may conflict with review day. 2) Our regional tournament falls on Tuesday May 24th, finals week. We (coaches) request students and parents start planning with teachers for this last mile. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Food for thought: State tournament takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 31st and June 1st in Grand Junction, one week after our regional match, and over Memorial weekend. In case one of our team members qualifies, a plan should be made for participation.

Next Week.

The return of a (Booster Club) tradition. 

The Centaurus Warrior Booster Club wants to celebrate all of our student athletes this year. We are having a BBQ on Saturday, May 14th from 11am - 2pm at the stadium concession stands.  We'll be serving hot dogs, chips and drinks.  It is FREE for athletes and coaches. We suggest a $5 donation for friends and families who want to help us celebrate the athletes.

 Discipline 8

Be Active In The Lives Of Your Family, Because They Are Central To Who You Are.

Week 9

It's in our DNA - Family is the best motivator you will have. They there from the beginning, and throughout your lives. So remember to stay involved, and be nice to family, friends, and strangers, because tomorrow you may be on the other side.

"Remember that Integrity is more in demand than Intelligence, and you’ll be OK.”

This week

Monday, we practiced at Indian Peaks and played three holes on the course in preparation for our home tournament the next day. Tuesday, we started our tournament at Indian Peaks 45 mins late due to a frost delay. Our team put together their best effort yet - our hard work is paying off. Julia shot a tied for 12th place with an 89. Tatum landed a 109, Danielle a 111, both personal bests. Maya scored a 115, tying her personal best. Megan came in with a 128. Sthephanie played her first nine holes of golf ever, and did awesome. Wednesday all the girls were in good spirits, "gossiping and bonding" before practice.  Coach Kevin led lag putting and chipping, and I worked on the range.  I tried to introduce more random range practice, rather than block practice, getting girls to work through their bag and repeat instead of just hitting shot after shot with the same club.  Coach Kevin talked to girls about visualizing shots, and on the range we hit shots visualizing course. Coach Vu worked with Megan and Danielle about their shot struggles.  Both stuck the ball well on the range. Thursday we had our mid season goal review, heard players' suggestions for practice improvement, and played 3 holes of golf. 

Next Week

Discipline 7

Teach Golf and Help Others Learn The Game, Because Sharing Feeds Your Soul And Gives More Purpose To Your Game.

Week 8

Philanthropy (Definition)

I can tell you from personal experience that sharing with others, whether it is coaching, teaching or just assisting someone in need, feels good.  For me, being the CHS Girls Golf Coach is rewarding, and has made me a better golfer - Thank you :)

Last week

Monday, we played our second league tournament at Fox Hill Holf course. Julia played to a 99, which placed her in 15 place overall.  Morguen (124) played her first tournament of the year. Tatum (127), Maya (132) and Meagan (133) offered a courageous round on a difficult course. It was a great learning experience for all participants.  Tuesday we practiced our 100 yard in game at the range. Wednesday we offered a rest day, and our team took time to catch up in school and prepare for the rest of the golf season. Thursday we had a great practice - we putted and played three holes of golf, focusing on 100 yards in strategies.

This Week

Discipline 6

Be a Healthy Individual, Because Golf Without Health Is _________ .

Week 7

The Many Faces of Health

Last Week's Recap

Monday we played our first League tournament at Twin Peaks golf course. It was another cold and windy day, and our team played well. Julia scored an 88, Tatum came in at 113 - her best tournament score ever. Maya and Megan played to their ability level. On Tuesday, the team had a choice of study hall or practice, a needed study break for some, and a great focused practice day for the others. On Wednesday, we practiced to improve and prepare for our upcoming league tournament Monday. Thursday varsity was cancelled due to weather and safety concerns, so we practiced instead.

This Week

Discipline 5

Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses, Because You Cannot Improve What You Don't Measure.

Week 6

Team Standings

Do you know:

When you practice, invest 20% of your time in your strengths and 80% of your time in your weaknesses - because it is the best and safest way to improve your confidence.

Last Week Recap

On Monday and Wednesday, we practiced at our home course: Indian Peaks. Tuesday we played the Bierleffi invite, our first match of the year. On a very (very) cold and windy day, our team played great - we finished in 11th place, and all players scored better than their average score from last year. Julia finished tied for 12th place in the individual tournament. Thursday we had a hybrid day: half of the team played a practice round at Legacy Ridge, and the other half of the team practiced at Indian Peaks. 

This week

Take the Golf Fitness Mental Quiz (above)

Discipline 4

Minimize Errors, Because They Are The Biggest Enemy To A Successful Round Of Golf.

Week 5

"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs... If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same… you’ll be a man (woman) my son.” - Rudyard Kipling

Last Week's Recap

Though there were not  any official activities because it was spring break, we organized a voluntary golf outing Thursday. Morgen from the girls team, Mathewe and Jaron from the boys team and his cousin played. Coach Vu and myself played. It was a fun, relaxed and educational outing. Let's do it again!

This Week

There are written rules that cover the game of golf. There are also unwritten rules of the game that allow game and people to play with safety in mind, and to enjoy the day. These are known as Golf Etiquette.

** If you have not seen the videos from previous weeks, now is a good time to catch up ;)

Discipline 3

Play within Your Means And Be Ready For Whatever The Game Brings, Because The Game Will Challenge You Every Time You Play.

Week 4

Expecting to hit a perfect shot every time you swing the club is not sustainable. Striving for consistency and a sound swing is sustainable - invites success. Knowing that you can get out of any situation will free your mind and shed tension.  Use your imagination - it's your best friend!

You see, expecting to play golf without adversity is unrealistic. Knowing you can handle anything golf throws your way is priceless!

Last Week's Recap

Monday we spent the day in the fishbowl on a study hall. Tuesday we went to Indian Peaks and had our first driving range practice - it was awesome! Wednesday because of weather, we practiced at Top Golf, and Thursday we had our strength and conditioning day! It was a good week, and hopefully our last classroom golf week. 

A quick reminder that we are starting our full schedule golf after spring break with two invitationals (V/VJ on Tuesday and Varsity on Thursday) on the schedule that week, and our league tournament starting the week after that.

BoCo Preap: Spring 2022 Season Preview Capsules

Spring Break Golf Game (Voluntary)

There are no official golf activities next week due to Spring Break, but we are organizing a golf game for our golf teams (boys and girls) - parents welcome - RSVP


BOCO PREPS: Girls golf: 2022 season preview capsules


Discipline 2

Be The Best At What You Do, Because Being Good is not Good Enough

Week 3

Being the best at what you do is not a destination, it is a lifestyle! 

Being the best at what you do is about having a plan for achieving your short term goals which in turn take you closer to your longer term goals. It's about being prepared, persistent, and communicating effectively - and don't be afraid to ask for help!

Being the best at what you do is being knowledgeable about your craft and related activities like how to be a teammate and a leader, sports psychology, fitness and nutrition. 

Being the best at what you do is showing up even if you don't feel like it, being  helpful and respectful, taking failure in stride - not giving up, and learning from others.

Do this and you will find yourself in the top 10% of what you do!

Week's Recap

Last week we practiced at Top Golf on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday we spent the day at the weight room where Coach Kevin guided our Strength and conditioning day. On Thursday Brad Wiseley, a Colorado golf association rules official visited and talked about the rules of golf.

We also voted in Julia Love as our Team Captain. Congratulations Julia :)

This Week

*NOTE: Spring break is officially a no practice week. But, for those who want to play, we can set up tee times on Tuesday. There is a Varsity invite on Thursday.

Video to Watch

Watch  Annika Sorenstam take on the 100 yard shot. 

Discipline 1

You Must Have A Sound Understanding Of What The Game Of  Golf Really Is, If You Don't Get This Right, The Rest Will Never Work.

Week 2

Golf is an individual and a team sport, meant to be played in a beautifully maintained park, with friends or in competition. It is a game of constant change and some say it can never be mastered. Its a game of opposites and at times it can be frustrating . This game challenges your mind, body, and spirit because its not a game of perfection - most people never get this -  its a game of strategy and perseverance.  For all these reasons it keeps you coming back, and most certainly it will help make you a well rounded individual.

"Now, what you have to understand is that three bad shots and one good shot still make par. You see, golf is the game of recovery." - Walter Hagen

All too often we are thought we must work hard, study hard, play hard, and not enough times do we hear we should also strive to work with joy, study with joy or play with joy - it is a proven fact that when one is enjoying any activity, it activates the brain and liberates the body to a higher degree - so lets invite joy into the game of golf.

Tryout Week Recap

Tryout week was fun. We spend the week meeting each other, setting goals and working on our golf swing in the baseball field behind the school. On Tuesday, we spend the day in the weight room working on strength and conditioning. Coach Kevin lead the group and everyone participated.

Forms to Sign

Bring a Friend

As yo know our team this year is seven players, but we have room for twelve. If you know anyone that is interested in joining our golf team - invite them, even if they have never played. 

Youth On Course

All team members should be signed up for the Youth On Course program. If you are not, lets get it done!

Next week

For next week we have planned practice at Topgolf for Monday and Wednesday - let me know if you need a ride, I can meet you at the school at 330 pm. On Tuesday we will spend the day with Coach Kevin working on strength and conditioning and Thursday we have Brad Wiseley present talk to us about the rules of golf.

Our Monday Invitational was postponed to March 28 because of weather.  Wednesday Varsity Invitational will be decided on Monday - fingers crossed. BTW, this one is in Fort Morgan, so we'll have to plan on transportation if we play.


Hope to have them ready for you by the end of the week.

Parents Meeting

Week 1 - Thursday March 3rd at 5:30 pm - In person  - CHS School Fish Bowl.

Coaches Introductions

Team and Goals

About League


Practices will take place at Indian Peaks, alternatively  if the weather does not cooperate at either the School Gym OR at Top Golf in Thornton if there is availability.  We will take some time this year and focus on flexibility, strength and conditioning, as well as golf swing fundamentals, course management and the mental game.

Conference Championship

This year, Centaurus HS will host a league tournament on April 19th. Everyone in the CHS team plays!

Parents can attend tournaments- It's up to each individual course to allow on course spectators/photographers - call in advance

Invites and Additional Playing Opportunities

Regionals and State Championship


Team Resources

Lets work together!

Parents Questions / Closing  Comments

Lets go play golf!

Tryouts Week

Week 1 - Feb 28-March 3

Requirements - Mandatory


Tryout Week Schedule (May change without notice)

Rules of Golf - Quiz

Take this USGA rules of golf quiz (10 questions/Basic) as may times as you need until you pass with 80%.  If you think this is too easy, pick Intermediate or advanced level quizzes. 

Youth on Course Membership

Use his link to sign up/renew you membership. Make sure I'm around hen I do this so I can pay for it.

Laser  Focus

(Have these shots / Own these shots)

Practice Routines




Never Out Of The Hole.

Coach's 8 Golf Disciplines

Golf  Flow