Girls Golf

2022-23 Golf Season

Start Feb 27th, 2023

If you are interested in participating in this golf program, the best thing you can do is play golf during the summer. Take golf lessons and practice. Tryouts for the team will be announced in time for the Spring season.  In the meantime, add yourself to the mailing list to stay informed.

CHS Golf Team Pledge

I am going to put forth the necessary time,and effort needed, and to do my part to help this golf program succeed. 

My commitment to the CHS Golf Team is the following:

To manage my time, plan and identify areas of improvement for the team, myself, and to keep up with school. I will be an active member of this team, attend and be on time to all  practices, games and meetings. I will put forth the highest level effort and be mindful of other team members and coaching staff's needs, while valuing everyone's time.

I will expect in return other team members and coaches will commit in the same way to the team and give it the time & effort it demands.

A Golf Mental Fitness Quiz: How Do You Stack Up?

Before a competitive round, do you spend time:

a) Worrying about what could go wrong

b) Visualizing yourself playing good shots

While warming up do you work on:

a) Refining your technique, hitting lots of shots with the same club

b) Getting a simple swing feel, then playing a variety of shots with full routine

On the first tee are you focused on:

a) What others will think of you if you hit a bad shot

b) Trusting your swing feel and making a committed swing

On the opening holes if you get off to a good start, do you:

a) Start thinking about the possibility of shooting your career score

b) Simply stay in the present and focus on playing each shot the best you can

If you get off to a poor start, do you:

a) Panic and start analyzing your swing, trying to “fix it”

b) Slow down and check your set-up, tempo, and mental focus to see what’s getting in the way of playing better

Midway through the round if you have been playing well, do you:

a) Worry about when the wheels will come off, tighten up, and get more careful and tentative

b) Attend to your energy level (water & food) and your tempo, focused on keeping the same rhythm and attitude that has been working well

If you have been playing poorly, do you:

a) Decide it’s not your day and start playing with a negative attitude with anger, carelessness, excuses, complaints, and even look for the drink cart to drown your sorrows

b) Accept that your ball-striking is not at its best, and take the opportunity to work on your recovery shots and short game

Near the end of the round if you have been playing well, do you:

a) Play defensively, trying to not make a mistake and get done without losing many strokes

b) Stay focused on the shot at hand rather than getting ahead of yourself, and keep playing to make your lowest score on each hole without taking an unnecessary risk

After the round do you:

a) Focus on what went wrong, speak negatively about your game, and complain about the conditions

b) Reflect on what went well, and reinforce what you did that led to your success, and make a plan to work on the parts of your game that have room for improvement.


The more questions you answered with choice b), the more you can rely on your mental game to help you play your best.

Any questions you answered with choice a), indicate areas of your mental game that need improvement.

ReferenceA Mental Fitness Quiz: How Do You Stack Up?

Discipline 3

Play Within Your Means And Be Ready For Whatever The Game Brings, Because The Game Will Challenge You Every Time You Play.

Week 4

Trying to hit a perfect shot every time you swing the club is not a sustainable approach and can lead to unnecessary tension. Instead, focus on developing a consistent and effective swing that can help you achieve success over time. Knowing that you have the ability to recover from any situation and still make par can help free your mind from worry and tension. Be creative and use your imagination to your advantage, as it can be your best ally on the golf course.

If you struggle with the pressure of expecting nothing but perfect shots, consider watching Bob Newhart's 'STOP IT' video. It offers a humorous perspective on how to break free from negative thought patterns and enjoy the game more.

Week 3 Recap

Our golf team had a productive week filled with various activities. On Monday, we were delighted to have a warm day at Indian Peaks and played four holes of golf while also continuing to work on our short game. Additionally, we held a vote for the position of Team Captain, and Julia Love won - congratulations Julia!

On Tuesday, we spent the day at the driving range, where we honed our skills in putting, chipping, and full swing practice. Wednesday's practice was led by Coach Vu and assisted by Julia. Coach Vu shares: "Julia did a good job running practice. Today was 30 minutes of putting. Then we had an extended range session". Finally, on Thursday, we met at the gym for a strength training session, which helped us improve our fitness and endurance. Overall, it was an excellent week of varied and productive practice for our golf team.

Week 4 Schedule:

** Unless we have an unexpected change in weather, we'll meet at Indian Peaks every day.

Discipline 2

Be The Best At What You Do, Because Being Good is not Good Enough

Week 3

Being the best at what you do isn't just a goal, it's a way of life. Achieving excellence requires giving it your all, persisting through failures, maintaining a positive outlook, seeking advice, and being open to learning.

To be the best, you need to have a deep understanding of your craft. In the case of golf, that means mastering the rules of the game, developing skills to be a great teammate, coach, or captain, and knowing about sports psychology, fitness, and nutrition. It also means preparing meticulously for tournaments, practicing with purpose, setting achievable goals, and consistently working towards your long-term aspirations.

Being the best at what you do also involves staying resilient during tough times, treating those around you with kindness and respect, and communicating effectively. If you consistently demonstrate these traits, you'll be among the top 10% in your field - a result that comes with being the best at what you do.

Week 2 Recap

On Monday, we had a great time playing five holes of golf at Indian Peaks. The team enjoyed the beautiful weather and showed off their skills on the course.

On Tuesday, we gathered at Centaurs High School's Fish Bowls to learn more about the rules of golf. We watched the USGA's videos and had a presentation from Brad Wiseley, CGA's Rules Official. It was a great opportunity for the team to brush up on their knowledge of the game.

Later that day, we held a parents' meeting, and we appreciate everyone who attended. It was an excellent chance for parents to get to know the coaches and learn about our team's upcoming events - Thank you parents!

On Wednesday, we visited Top Golf and had a blast hitting golf balls and practicing our swings.

Thursday was all about strength training with Coach Ratzlaff at the school. The team worked hard and gave it their all.

Overall, it was a great week for our golf team. We can't wait to see what next week brings!

PS - We are looking forward to our Thespians to join the team next week. Break a leg!

An excellent week wrapped up with warmer weather in the future...hopefully! As the familiarity with the game progresses, please don't forget to begin identifying individual goals you have for the season. Continue to focus on what is in front of you, rather than what is not. Being focused on the process rather than the result will work wonders for your progress. One step at a time, one swing, one round. Great work ladies!

Week 3 Schedule

Discipline 1

You Must Have A Sound Understanding Of What The Game Of Golf Really Is. If You Don't Get This Right, The Rest Will Never Work.

Week 2

What is the game of golf (really) about?

Golf is not just about hitting the ball hard or far. It's about hitting consistently, mostly straight, and knowing that you're never out of the hole. The real opponent is the golf course, and it requires strategy, focus, and resilience to succeed.

Walter Hagen, a legendary golfer, once said, "Now what you have to understand is that three bad shots and one good shot still make par. You see, golf is the game of recovery." This quote highlights the importance of resilience and the ability to bounce back from setbacks. It's about reacting appropriately in every situation, managing the course, and playing smart golf.

Ultimately, having a plan will be your best friend. Whether it's for the driving range, before taking a swing, an upcoming tournament, a meeting with your teacher, or even before you make a phone call, making a plan takes just 30 seconds. This will help you stay focused, make smart decisions, and achieve your goals.

I encourage you to continue practicing and playing with passion, commitment, and discipline. Remember that every day is an opportunity to improve your game and develop your skills. We believe in you, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Last Weeks Recap

Our tryout week was such a blast! We kicked things off with six enthusiastic players showing up on the first day and after a quick team meeting, we hit the course and played five holes. Despite the chilly weather, we kept up the momentum and practiced at Top Golf on Tuesday and Wednesday, making the most of the available heaters. As for March, we've decided to move our Wednesday and Thursday practices to TopGolf on days when the weather isn't great, and Tuesdays will be all about strength conditioning. Although three of our returning players have conflicts for the first two weeks of the season (School Play), we're optimistic about having an eight-player team this year. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, we're hopeful that we can send two or three players to this year's state championship!

Great first week! We have some great athletes this year and a strong group to begin. Looking forward to the entire team being able to get together after the first couple of weeks and to start competing. Remember to dress warm through the initial weeks of the season as the weather could be cold!

Coaches Note on Attendance

Attendance is mandatory for all practices, meetings, fundraisers, and meets in which the athlete is scheduled to compete.

If an athlete knows that they will not be able to attend a practice, they must inform the Head Coach at least twenty-four hours in advance. In case of unexpected illness, the athlete's parent or guardian should inform the coach in the morning of the illness.

Excused absences are those due to medical appointments or official school functions that require an adult's presence. An athlete with an excused absence must provide a note from their doctor, teacher, parent, or adult supervisor. If an athlete is late to practice and does not have a note, it will be assumed that they were skipping practice.

Week 2 Schedule

Parents Meeting Agenda

Coaches Introductions

Required Documents

Team and Personal Goals

Returning players have begun work on their season goals. Keep some focus on those and be consistent revisiting them. We will spend time each week reflecting on how the goals are progressing. For new players, once the confidence with the clubs and the swing are developed, we will start goal setting. 

About League


Practices will take place at Indian Peaks, alternatively, if the weather does not cooperate at either the School Gym OR at Top Golf in Thornton if there is availability.  We will take some time this year and focus on flexibility, strength and conditioning, as well as golf swing fundamentals, course management and the mental game.

Conference Championship

This year, Centaurus HS will host a league tournament on April 10th. Everyone in the CHS team plays!

Invites and Additional Playing Opportunities

Regionals and State Championship


Team Resources

Let's work together!

Parents Questions / Closing Comments

Let's play golf!

You are Never Out Of The Hole

Week 1 - Tryouts Week Feb 27-March 2nd

Requirements - Mandatory

Registration (message from the office)

The registration system went live today, Monday, January 30th, along with the link to pay through RevTrak. The registration process is a bit clunky. It's managed by rSchool (CHSSA) and physicals are uploaded into the system. You do not need to bring a copy to school. 

Families have to go to two different places to get registered. One for the registration and then one for payment. The links will be in the Warrior Weekly starting last Friday (links below)L


Tryout Week Schedule (may change without notice)

Rules of Golf - Quiz

Take this USGA rules of golf quiz (10 questions/Basic) as many times as you need until you pass with 80%.  If you think this is too easy, pick intermediate or advanced level quizzes. 

March Itinerary

Open House - Boys and Girls CHS Students Welcome

** Incoming Freshmen are not able to participate at this time (apologies for the disinformation). 

Coach Ratzlaff Strength Training

Coach Kevin Ratzlaff will lead strength and conditioning sessions on Mondays and Fridays from 3:30-5pm at CHS Weight Room. Take advantage of this, as it will make you a more complete golfer. No need to register, just show up and be ready to work!

"Off-season training and spring/summer golf tournaments are a great way to improve on your game while getting to hang out with your teammates (which makes everything more fun). Plus, you’ll also meet a lot of great golfers from across the state and make new friends that you’ll end up playing with for years to come."

Summer Golf League

The Summer Golf League is intended to get students involved, meet each other and better prepare for the upcoming CHS Golf Season. 

We will be playing Youth On Course (YOC) member golf courses. If you don't have this pass yet, CHS will sponsor this membership for you. Let me know so I can arrange your subscription. 

To start our series, we have reservations at TopGolf, on Thursday June 23rd from 10-12 am.

League Format: 

During the Round of Golf

Summer League: 

Coach Bill's Book Recommendation 

"I just finished a book that I think you might find instructive for the kids an us. It’s  “The Pro, Lessons about Golf and Life from my father, Claude Harmon, Sr.” by Butch Harmon.  Besides some fun stories he has a number of things he’s learned about the game and life. He also discusses his instruction of Tiger which is fun." - Coach Bill.

Laser  Focus

(Have these shots / Own these shots)

Practice Routines




Never Out Of The Hole.

Coach's 8 Golf Disciplines

Golf  Flow