Summer League

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Summer League

The summer league is intended to get students involved and prepared for the upcoming Golf Season. Anyone interested in joining the CHS Golf Program is encouraged to participate in the Summer League events.

COVID Rules and Guidelines

Fortunately, Golf and GOlf Courses lend themselves for the accepted norms of social distancing. Also, many golf courses already required we follow local, state and federal safety rules. So with this, BVSD has published their 'Guidelines: COVID Return to In-person conditioning'. Read them (below) and consider these specific to Golf procedures:

  • Please keep 6 feet between players at all times and avoid crowding: while arriving at the course, at the tee box, on the field, when leaving the course.

  • Please arrive at the Golf Course with enough time to warm up and head to the 1st tee 10 minutes before your assigned Tee Time - all the time you must practice social distancing guidelines.

  • Every player will need to complete a short questionnaire and have their temperature taken prior to playing. You will not be allowed to play if your temperature is high or if you have, show or express and COVID symptoms.

  • Bring hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes and use them as needed throughout the round of golf.

  • When finished, after the 18th green, please leave the course immediately - if possible use a separate exit path then when you entered.

  • Parents must fill out appropriate permission forms (below)

Parents Permission Forms

Game Days: Tee Times and Locations

  • One of the restrictions we have, for now, is that we can only play golf within the BVSD district area golf courses, this means: Flatirons in Boulder, Indian Peaks in Lafayette and Coal Creek Golf Club.

  • I will work with the Golf Courses to set up times to play:

    1. My goal is to set up two (2) Tee Times at or around 1pm every Thursday. I will adjust as needed and/or requested.

    2. Because of Golf Courses COVID procedures it will be your responsibility to call ahead and pay for your Tee Time in advance. If you dont, your tee time may be forfeited.

    3. It is your responsibility to arrange transportation to and from the course.

    4. Please follow Federal, State, County, Local and Golf COurse COVID related rules.

  • I will send a Google with dates, times and location of play. Please accept if you plan on going so I have an idea of who to expect.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for additional events, fundraisers or golf outings please Contact Us :)

Boulder Valley School District

Guidelines: COVID Return to In-person conditioning

June 15th: fall sports outdoor only, focus on conditioning and skills with approved plan, outside ONLY

July 1st: all sports and activities can participate with proposed and approved plan

July 1st gymnasium, band room and weight room may be added if approved

  • All programs will comply with Boulder County Health Guidelines (BCHG).

  • As guidelines change, adjustments will be made after consideration and review

  • Coaches are responsible for strict supervision and compliance

  • Coaches and athletes who do not comply will be removed for the duration of the summer. Coaches could receive further consequences.

    • They place themselves and others health at risk

    • Potentially threaten the entire district's summer programming at risk of closing

  • Broomfield HS will comply with BCHG through July 1st at which time the City of Broomfield’s state requested variance will be considered

  • Participation is voluntary - no student or coach will be required to participate regardless of the reason



  • Coaches will be screened upon arriving at campus - full compliance required to participate (see COVID Coordinator Guidance)

  • Coaches that exhibit symptoms of illness or feel sick should immediately notify their head coach, will be separated from the group and sent home, AD/COVID Coordinator will be notified within the hour

  • Masks required unless social distancing of 6’ - role models have to understand their actions mean something throughout this process!

  • Park in designated spots only, using every other spot

  • Everyone sanitize hands when entering field and existing practice area

  • No sharing of personal items such as sunscreen, water bottles, electronic devices, food

  • Wipe down items used during the session, before and after each practice

  • Remain with your assigned group, model and encourage proper actions.

  • Monitor your assigned group member’s completion of the self-screening before beginning any activities.

  • Collect and retain permission slips and contact information, may be called upon at any point should someone become ill

  • Prepare emergency plans for weather and health


  • Must follow the self-screening process using the Screening Algorithm (temperature check and honestly answering screening questions) and enter the responses into the [*enter IT solution] BVSD COVID Screening Form.

  • Students who arrive without completing the screening can be screened at the site, if conditions allow.

  • Receive a specific arrival time and departure time

  • When arriving on campus stay in vehicle until assigned time, when leaving go directly from playing field to transportation and depart campus

  • No clustering before or after

  • Park using every other available slot

  • Athletes that exhibit symptoms of illness or feel sick should immediately notify their coach,will be separated from the group and sent home, head coach notified and AD notified within the hour

  • Must wear masks

    • Until social distancing is established

    • If social distancing (6 feet) can be maintained masks can be removed

    • If social distancing cannot be maintained - masks must remain on

  • Must remain in assigned grid and with assign group for the week

  • Use only equipment which has been sanitized upon arrival, personal AND school

  • Wipe down equipment before removing from playing area

Athletic Directors: In order to begin, you must submit a plan for approval including the following

  1. Identify on a map the fields to be used -current guideline is 25 per field, coaches excluded - NO inside use until at least July 1st plans

    1. Copy of map and schedule will be provided to the Head custodian so that regular cleaning/disinfecting can be scheduled

    2. Each time map is changed a new version will be provided to the custodian.

  2. Identify golf and cross country facilities within Bldr County. Broomfield in Brmfld County.

  3. Identify parking spaces to be used adjacent to or close to fields

  4. Identify screening area which provides (1) privacy (2) temperature check area (3) documentation of screening responses for all employees and for athletes who do not complete the self-screening before arrival

  5. Identify place of entry, place of exit (different)

  6. Determine weekly schedule - consider 15 min breaks between facility use, staggered starting times for different locations, student arrival times

  7. Compose

    1. Arrival and exit directions

    2. Equipment cleaning procedures

    3. Student sanitizing stations

    4. Hydration plan

    5. Protocols for music, placing of cones

    6. Plan for approved activities: conditioning, agility, skill development

    7. Develop emergency safety plans for weather and illness.

    8. Create clear athlete communication.

  8. TRAIN staff on protocols and expectations - signature that they understand

  9. MONITOR activities

  10. Serve as COVID Coordinator and complete investigations per guidelines and in conjunction with Health Services

    1. Protocols on what to do and who to contact if an individual does not clear screening

    2. Protocols on what to do if a coach or athlete becomes ill during practice.


  1. Sixth Amended Public Health Order 20-28 Safer At Home And In The Vast, Great Outdoors

Issued June 5, 2020

Effective June 1, 2020 for 30 days

  1. Facial Coverings in Public Order--Boulder County Public Health Order

Issued May 2020

Extended May 22 through June 30, 2020

BCPH Image Explaining Face Covering Requirements

  1. CDPHE Guidance for Youth Sports Camps

CHSAA Update Regarding the Status of Fall Athletics and Activities:

  • Activities:

  • Athletics:

  • Travel outside of BVSD facilities or Boulder/Broomfield County is not yet approved

  • As you plan long-term, competition within Boulder Valley is highly encouraged as going outside of the area increases the probability of bringing virus back to our area